We’ve Moved!

Home is where the heart is, right? And if home really is where the heart is, then a great part of it – my heart that is – has been poured out into this space over here. Words have always been a source of great comfort and solace to me through the years. I have drowned many of my sorrows and doused several of my fears on blank pages; housed between the covers of a journal; until eventually making the leap (after much convincing from my sisters) to this space on the internet.

For several years now, this has been home for my feelings and thoughts. This has been the home of my memories and life’s ramblings. For many years this has been the space where I’ve recorded and documented all my life lessons and most prized accomplishments…this has been my comfort…this has been a very big part of me…this has been a home of sorts – even if just for my feelings and thoughts. And now I’m leaving it behind so to speak, to set up home in a new space!

 I feel like I’ve done a lot of growing in this space, and leaving it behind seems bittersweet. And just like one would do when leaving a physical home behind; lingering along hallways and bedrooms recounting pivotal moments and memories; I find myself doing much of the same as I’ve been browsing through old entries of mine- reminiscing – before I make way for new beginnings.

I didn’t even know how to use a computer properly when I started this blog, and even though I’m still majorly technologically challenged, I’ve learnt so much along the way! I’ve grown as a mother and as a person – and our family has grown (and is still growing) considerably too! And so what better time to pack everything up and move on to a newer, prettier and more functional space.

Every now and again there’s a little voice in the back of your head that screams for an adventure. Where on a whim, you decide to pack everything into a bag and step out of your comfort zone. Where suddenly you know it’s time to start something out of the ordinary and trust the magic of new beginnings. That’s how I’m feeling right now. 5 years ago that feeling was tied to starting this blog; and in this case, I’ve packed up all the memories we’ve accumulated over the years, carefully boxed and sealed them, and had the moving guys  had a tech savvy person ( Andrea from Bird & Design ) set it all up in our new space.  And so it’s with great, anxious excitement, that I want to announce that we have a brand new home on the internet!

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