Hey Brother

Time has a way of changing many things…young become old, we embrace change and tackle new beginnings and it creates distance and space between people who once treaded the same shores. But there’s a lot that time can’t do. Time can’t undo bonds and relationships. Time can’t eradicate moments and memories. Time can’t diminish love from our hearts…
I have many sisters, but I only have one brother! Separated in our physical form, but forever connected through our shared beginnings. I have no idea how it must’ve been growing up with four wonky sisters, but we built memories that will be treasured forever. 
Though we are miles apart, we are bound by found memories and unconditional love. We share a love for the kitchen and writing (you are the better one), but really, there’s so much more! Thanks for igniting my love for reading, for leading me to literary treasures that have become firm favourites; the endless hours of video games, Crash Bandicoot and Tomb Raider; for bringing home pets, Roofus and Blanc and teaching us how to spot a hit before it’s a hit (a trait Saafiyah is convinced she has). And now, thanks to Zee and Rocky, we are into gardening too, and they certainly inherited that from you! haha 
I think this video Deed made, the song and the memories, sums things up perfectly! Though time has passed and we are oceans apart…there’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do…
Happy Birthday Big Brother!!!
Love you lots <3
From all of us!

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