My Truths – Silence is Golden

As someone who uses words daily as a means to express myself; I feel that in some instances it is best to say nothing at all…because this world we live in, is plagued by fools, and though it is sometimes difficult to bite our tongue….sometimes silence is the best response.

But sometimes I feel that my silence is a curse. That it solves nothing. That it allows people to get away with egotistical behaviour…that it makes me weak…

Sometimes I wish that the words swirling around in my head can just tumble out of my mouth. That whatever is holding me back; whether it is my conscience or my fear of confrontations and offending people in a moment of anger; can release and let my thoughts flood out…The reality of what I’m thinking.

Sometimes I feel suffocated by these words. These words that are stuck. That refuses to be heard. Sometimes I wonder at what cost silence comes… My sanity?

The truth is, that sometimes words don’t solve EVERYTHING! Sometimes, the raging torrents in our heads are more destructive than constructive. Sometimes it is best not to act in haste. To rather be still. To think. Sometimes it is best to be quiet despite the storms that rage in our minds…

The reality is, that two inflated ego’s solve nothing. That silence, in some cases, simply is the best response. Because nobody truly gets away with anything. This I know is true. Each lesson has it’s time and perhaps some lessons aren’t supposed to be taught by us…But each human most certainly does get their due!!!

There is an art in remaining silent I have discovered. The trick to it all is…to figure out who the real fools are 😉

“Well-timed silence hath more eloquence than speech”
(Martin Farquhar Tupper)

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