Cape Town Blogger Meet Up

It’s barely been 8 months since I started my little blog…just me, my words, a laptop and a few loyal readers. I had no clear direction where I was heading, all I knew was that I had words that needed to be shared…a small fish in the vast ocean. Over time, and with the help of social media, I have found many little fish like myself…sharing their own journey. They have become familiar fixtures on my timeline…and with regularly reading their blogs, they have also become as familiar to me as my own voice.

 And so, even before the meet up on Saturday, it seemed like I already knew quite a few bloggers just from our regular interactions on twitter and the support we share in reading each others blogs! But… as much as we live in a modernised world, I am also  kinda an old fashioned girl, and to me, there is nothing better than a  good old face to face conversation!

And so, much more than the goodie bag I received (which was enormous and filled to the brim with so many fantastic surprises), I also took away new friendships and bonds. The warm embrace of the fellow human spirit and the sense of belonging to a wonderful community…a community of bloggers, each sharing their own special journey. Each providing their own special magic. Because in life, we all have something to give; and we all have something to learn… From fashion and make-up, to some inspiration…and even the art of taking the perfect selfie! LOL

I am not often at a loss for words, but I struggled a bit with this post because I really wanted to do it justice. I wanted my words to really capture the setting, the vibe and the company to perfection…I wanted to share all the moments and memories made…The best I can do, is share some pictures, in the hopes that it can relay the days events a bit better than my words!!
The venue was Shelley’s Gourmet café. A charming little destination on the busy Kloof street. A very vintage and homely vibe, which was the perfect setting for the intimate get together and set the mood for a really wonderful day, so much so that none of us were too eager to leave… take a look at some of the highlights!
Selfie with Aneesa, who was my travel companion for the day! Thanks for making it fun 🙂

 A picture on arrival…and before the make-up meltdown!
 Name tag and lots of vouchers!!!
Each room had a different theme and setting…

 Vintage tea-cup tree!

Seated next to the beautiful Rushda! Finally got to meet and chat 🙂

The ‘selfie’ queens!

We all got treated to neck and shoulder  massages by the lovely ladies of Rain

The food and cakes were absolutely delicious!

 Lovely Leana! You have to read her post on the meet up.
Shelley…the owner, who was really such a lovely hostess.
 Picture taken by Amina photography
Sak en Pak (captured again by Amina)
 The loot from the goody bag (Picture by Amina)
For fear of pictures taking over my post, I have only posted the highlights. I will post the rest on my Facebook page for everyone to view. Finally, a big thanks to Lauren  for doing such an amazing job with the organising of this function. I am definitely looking forward to the next one…and hopefully I will  also finally get to meet some of you who didn’t  make it to this one. May this be the first of many!!
Thanks for reading today,

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