My Truths – Easing Into the New Year

So begins the dawn of a brand New Year, a new beginning and a fresh start. There’s something about a new year that has people hopeful. Hopeful for change. Hopeful for happiness. Hopeful for a long list of happy endings. It’s impossible to take strides towards a new beginning without glancing back at the year that has passed…a little reflection. Looking back helps us identify where we have faltered and leads us to the doorway of where we can improve…

New year, new me? Absolutely!! If the year that has passed has left us unchanged, then we haven’t made proper use of our time…2014 was a year of great personal growth for me. I started off the year a little timid and slightly insecure…in the deep end of an unfamiliar playground. Looking back now, the seemingly tiny steps have resulted in big internal development and I feel like I’ve emerged from it changed. Renewed. New… Cliché as it may sound, looking back on the year that has passed has me hopeful for the year ahead!

If it weren’t for this online journal, I might have trodden along oblivious to the silent changes within. I am definitely starting this year as a newer, stronger, more assured version of myself! I’m still not sure about setting goals and making resolutions. Sometimes we make big, bold resolutions that are impossible to achieve. We have our eye on the destination, but we fail to plot the course and our good willed intentions fall short.

 Reflection should really be a part of our everyday. With regular introspection we become more aware and recognise the areas in our lives that needs attention. It might be a tall task to ask, but this coming year I don’t just want to stumble through it. I want to be more alert, observant and in tune. I am hopeful that the year ahead will bring with it more growth, bigger changes and that when I emerge from it, I will greet the next year a newer, better version of Me!

Where will this new year lead? Who knows! What I do know is, that wherever this journey takes me, whatever it may reveal, I am looking forward to sharing all my  adventures, lessons and experiences, right here as I always do!

Happy New year!



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