Home Alone

I had an entirely different post planned for today; but sometimes things don’t always go according to  plan. Sometimes the wind in our sails throws us off course ever so slightly and we have to try that little bit extra to keep things running smoothly…

This past week I have been somewhat of a single parent as hubby was away overseas. One would think I should be used to the separation by now as he is a frequent traveller, but I haven’t quite gotten the hang of it yet. Sure enough we get through the day much easier than before, when the kids were much younger and demanded much more attention…we accept the way things must be and try to make the best of the situation…but the heart inevitably yearns.

It yearns for the familiarity of a voice, a smile and often unseen contributions towards my “everyday”…it yearns for the companionship, the friendship, the voice of reason. It yearns for the laughter, the fun and the precious moments we spend together as a family…And sure enough it gets easier…but when you love; it never is easy.

I think, most importantly, you realise how much you rely on one another. This week alone I was bombarded with so many little things that went wrong and had to face it on my own. My car wouldn’t start, the chlorinator of the pool conked in, the down lights in my dressing room fused except for one little one, as well as a few lights in my kitchen, had to attend school meetings,…and finally, my twitter account got suspended (my new handle is @Namus_Blog )!!

I got through it all okay I guess, but it made me realise and appreciate what I have. As always, my family was supporting me all the way and without them the weekends would be just painful! We all spent some much needed quality time together…but more of that in my next post. For now, Hubby is back, and all is okay in the world…

True love…Unglam and carefree on the airport in Paris!
Until next time,

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