My Truths – Acceptance

There is a calm settling over my soul as I’m getting older and I find it refreshing. I think it is acceptance…of all things that have come and gone and the changes the tides have brought. Acceptance of the difference in others and acceptance that they are different to me. Acceptance of myself, the way I am and the ‘who’ I am. Acceptance of who are my friends and foes. Sifting through the countless possibilities and sorting them into appropriate bundles.
 I guess a big film has lifted from my eyes and I can see things more clearly now. My heart has grown up and as willing as it is to accept everyone around me, it grows more cautious with each dawning day, for it is also nice to receive the same kind of love I am always so willing to give.
I guess I have accepted that too…Not to expect the exact same as I give because all people are not capable of that capacity of Loving!
I’ve accepted the world and it’s atrocities and the distressing images of peoples suffering…and accepted that I only have control of the peace within me. I am of no use to anyone when my ego is rattling in it’s cage with anger…
I’ve accept my age and the process of ageing, as a reminder of my mortality. I see it as a gift. We are designed to evolve spiritually…and as Age begins to ravage our body and beauty, acceptance of it helps to let go of the ego and our true internal spirit begins to surface…the legacy we will one day leave behind. Built with our actions, deeds and character. 
 Perhaps the biggest acceptance is that of my mistakes, for it has led me to where I am now…When you are doing all the things you want to, you stop looking to check what everyone is up to. Stop looking to see who is on your heels and stop looking into everyone’s eyes for approval. Somehow, sometimes we are the creators of our own prisons and paradises…
I guess as we get older, birthdays become less and less about celebrating, and more and more about reflection. Reflection of how we have used our gift of time, how we have grown, and hopefully, how we have conquered bits of our ego along the way.
There is a stillness that has come over me now. Everything that was once burdening my soul has found a release through this little miracle of acceptance. I have stopped fighting and accepted power of my own destiny!
 Happy Birthday to Me 😉
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