Eid-Ul-Adha 2017

Every year I hesitate to write an Eid post. I wonder if it’s even possible for things to change from one year to the next and if there will even be something new or profound worth writing about, instead of it just being a post about sharing pictures. Every year I wonder, hesitate and then write a post anyway – and it’s amazing, when going back to read them now, how things really have changed over the past few years!

Besides the kids growing considerably in this time, we’ve also welcomed new additions to the family and only have some treasured memories remain of those who have gone. And so these posts have become like little beacons of memories, spread out over time, capturing this ever changing landscape we call Life! And despite old traditions giving way for new ones, one thing remains unchanged; and that is that Eid days will ALWAYS be about family.There is a lot of significance that revolves around this second Eid, and this year I was feeling particularly sentimental about it all. So many close family and friends similar in age to me embarked on the sacred journey of Hajj, and I’d be lying if I said that my heart wasn’t deeply impacted when going to bid my farewells. There was a deep sense of emotion and yearning in me that I was completely unprepared for…and then reading all their updates from the holy land really only intensified the tugging on my heart in a way that is simply impossible to ignore.

With my brother’s visit coinciding with Eid, it was also the first time in a very, very long time that our whole family was able to celebrate Eid together! Amidst the vibrant energy – the laughter, playfulness and banter – it was impossible to escape the ominous presence of Time hovering and taunting as the tiny granules of sand slipped speedily through its hourglass. With ageing parents and the cruel concept of time, the memories made in these moments will be forever cherished…and the words “until we meet again” weighing too heavy on the heart.

And it made all the other simple things I usually worry about on this day so irrelevant! So I didn’t get to colour my greys, and they can be seen peeping out in all my pictures of that day; and I also completely forgot to make an appointment to thread my eyebrows and wax my lip; and I didn’t lose that impossible 5 kilos so that I could look better in my dress. And instead of worrying about all these vain concepts to make me look flawless in front of people who all already know my flaws; I threw in the proverbial towel and said “flip it all!”. I put on my best dress an my favourite shoes and embraced myself as I truly was, in that moment, flaws and all; and had the best Eid I possibly could!

It’s impossible to include ALL the pictures I took on the day, so I just included a few of my favourites <3













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