An Open Letter to My Child’s Teacher


It seems like an odd time to pen a letter to a teacher my child is leaving behind…or rather, children.  It does feel like the end of an era, doesn’t it. All so final with the last of my brood leaving your class to spread his new found wings. I thought I’d write this letter while my feelings are raw and thoughts are still fresh. But to be honest, these feelings have been swirling around in my head and heart for a long time now. Ever since way back last year as I witnessed my child transform and grow. And a lot of it has to do with you, so I wanted to say, Thank you.
I wanted to say thank you for taking my child’s anxiety and turning it into confidence. Thank you for giving him validation…for making him feel important. Your reassuring words and gestures worked like magic and has given him the ability to see and believe in his own abilities, and the confidence to conquer anything he puts his mind to – even standing in front of the class to say his orals.
I wanted to say thank you for nurturing his enquiring mind. For being patient in answering his millions of questions. For allowing him to have a voice and giving him a chance to be heard – Even if it was to tell a story that related to his several cousins and aunts. You listened and made him feel valued.
I wanted to say thank you for creating a caring and nurturing environment where he felt safe and comfortable…a place where he felt happy…a place where it was easy for him to learn.
I wanted to say thank you for teaching him that getting all the answers right is not the only important thing (even though it is a great reward for working hard). That being kind, considerate and compassionate to his friends holds far greater value.
I wanted to say thank you for seeing my child as he truly is. Thanks for seeing his strengths, his potential, his determination, his drive and his independence. Thanks for seeing his intelligence, diligence and perseverance (with his handwriting). Thank you for  seeing past the statistics and assessment results (even though they were pretty incredible), and seeing him as a person and nurturing him holistically throughout the year. You have helped him grow and develop, not only as a student, but also as a person, and for that I am particularly grateful.

When Zaydaan started school I really felt like I threw him into the deep end. I planted him like a little seedling into the great unknown and watched (and wavered…and also doubted my choices) as he figured his way around; but by the end of that year he had transformed into a bud. You, in turn, took my little bud and made him blossom and bloom <3 And now he’s stepped into grade three with a tenacity and confidence and a fire in his eye that makes me feel like he’s totally got this!

I just wanted to say thank you – for all that you are, all that you stand for, and for all that you do for all the kids who walk through your door. You have a unique ability of not just teaching, but truly investing in all the kids you encounter and have certainly left a lasting impact on all of my children – For Saafiyah, it was her first year in the big unknown and you helped her thrive…and who can forget that letter Raqeeb wrote in grade 5!! You are one in a million and I’m so sad to say goodbye. Instead I’ll say one last time…thank you. Thank you for being an important part of my family’s incredible journey!
Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing
A blurry picture of where it all began
And now…It’s a pity Saafiyah is missing from this picture
And now marching off to grade 3!
Thank You!
From all of us <3

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