A Birthday of Love

Nothing has made me value Time more, than this blog, the preserving of my memories, and writing these birthday stories for my family. Before, time would pass swiftly. One year would roll into the next. Old memories get replaced by new ones. We’d grow, get older, wiser, gain a few grey hairs…things would change and we managed to embrace it and move on. Now, I love that I get to capture the essence of each year as we go along. Birthday stories has become so much more than just well wishes to my family…it’s become somewhat of a beacon…a little peephole into the year that has passed. A frozen capsule of time, memories and the people we are slowly evolving into…

Our lives have always been tightly woven together…as siblings, sisters, women, and through the incredible connection our kids share. Our burdens always shared, victories celebrated together. Reliant on each others strengths to get through the days. That is the bond I have come to know and rely on.

In just the space of a year, so much has changed; mostly for you! For the first time in a long time it was more than just your birthday, but it was Valentines Day too. Love came knocking and next thing we knew, we were planning a wedding! We’ve had to let go of things as we knew it and evolve with our changing landscape, but it has been such a privilege watching you blossom and bloom.

We tend to take for granted how circumstances shape us…but you are a perfect example of how new circumstances reshape us. Gives us hope, courage, faith. This will forever be the year that you found love, happiness. The year you got married and forged a unit of your own. Not only for you, but for Agu too…

And as we look forward to the days that lay ahead, always know that wherever the road may lead, you will always have your sisters by your side… like your very own shadow. Some days we will stride in front and sometimes we will walk behind. But just remember that on the darkest days you won’t see a shadow at all….because those are the days were all stand united as one….those are the days were are the strongest of all!

Happy Birthday!
Love Always,


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