Aryana’s Arty Party – Artjamming at the V&A Waterfront

The hardest part of planning a party, is definitely choosing a theme. With countless ideas and décor tips and inspiration pouring all over the internet, finding the right match for you child can prove to be a little hard. For Moon (definitely the more organised out of the two of us), that search starts pretty early on in the year – and I should know, since I receive the countless screenshots and Whatsapp pictures of all the different ideas and possible themes! But once the theme is finalised, there’s no stopping Moon from DIY’ing that party to perfection!


Since Aryana has had a big obsession with colours and art inspired activities, an Arty Party proved to be the perfect way to celebrate her 2nd birthday! The ideas were endless for this theme, and the only hard part was narrowing down the choices. The venue  for the party was a no brainer really! We could’ve done something at home, but who wants to clean up after an Arty Party, right?! So we took the celebration to the Artjamming studio at the V&A Waterfront. With more than 40 colours of paint to choose from, and a variety of  tools, drawing materials and paintbrushes to choose from – the perfect platform was set for an afternoon of creativity. With helpful, friendly and super efficient staff on standby; it made the running of the days events fun, easy, and enjoyable for the host; and allowed Moon and Nur to truly enjoy getting arty with Aryana.





There’s the option to have Artjamming to cater the party for you, but Moon opted to bring her vision to life herself, only foregoing doing the party pack.  From the 5 layered rainbow centred cake to the colourful array of soda’s; the treats and the presentation – everything food related was a colourful affair and had a distinct arty element to it! Right down to the painters palette of cupcakes and easel food labels; and also Aryana’s Arty Party t-shirt – Moon had the Arty Party theme completely covered!! While the cake, sweet treats and savouries were all outsourced (listed below); The rainbow that Aryana is holding and all the labels with the cute captions were done by Moon herself!





I’ve said before and I’ll say it again – when you have a family as big as ours, the guest list is already made! We’re a party all on our own – with an addition of a few close friends of  course!!  And the great thing about this party venue is that, even though it was a party for a two year old, everyone could participate in the fun. Even grandma picked up a paintbrush and created a masterpiece 😉 It was really a great way to involve everyone and I think the older kids were surprised by how much fun they had. The splash zone was also particularly exciting too. Not only did it provide a pretty backdrop for some party pics, but everyone also contributed a splash of paint and helped to create a keepsake canvas for the birthday girl…surely something she can treasure forever…












About this video: As is becoming the norm, I have added a little video of the days events as well! I’m loving this new way of documenting things…even if it is a little more time consuming.

Cake : Tessa’s BakeryCake pops, Cupcakes & novelty cookies : Sweet Toof Patisserie

Labels : Moon

Photographs and videos taken and edited by me

Well done on a fabulous party, moon! Thanks for reading.



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