15 Things I Love About You… A Message to my Daughter on her 15th Birthday

Sometimes it’s hard to separate myself and my feelings from my children’s birthdays…just as hard as it is to separate my own identity from my role of being a mom. I become nostalgic and sentimental as I recall old memories, and paranoid and anxious as I worry about what the future holds. I  often write from that perspective because one day I want you to look back on it and know what was going on in my heart. But as you are growing older, it’s becoming more apparent that you are blossoming and growing into your own person, and it’s unfair of me to always tie my own feelings to a day that’s essentially about you. So this year I’ve decided to do things a little differently. This year I want this post to be all about YOU. And celebrate the momentous occasion of turning 15, I made a list of 15 things I love about you <3

  • I love that you have a hard shell, but a soft heart.
  • I love it when you are happy and the way you sound when you laugh and giggle.

  • I love the way your love your brothers…how you don’t mind to let Rocky take the lead; and you have always been like a mother hen to Zee.
  • I love that you are turning out to be a lot like me!
  • I love that you don’t hide your feelings anymore. That you feel safe enough to share them with me.
  • I love that you follow your heart and not the crowd.
  • I love your personal style!
  • I love the way your lip curls up when you smile…and also when you are moody.

  • I love the inner workings of your mind…how you can be old and wise as easily as you can be a typical teen.

  • I love it when you share meaningful songs with me that you know I will love.
  • I love that you value my company and attention more than you value things.
  • I love that you’re forgiving and kind and gentle and strong.
  • I love how you interact with young children…how they are naturally drawn to you and how instinctively you nurture.
  • I love it when you climb into my bed…even if it is with earphones in your ears.
  • I love getting lost in a series with you…we should definitely do this more often.
I just frikkin love you man! With my entire heart and soul. I love that you’re my daughter and I love that I get to be your mom!


Happy 15th Birthday Saafi!!

Love always,


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