A Message to my Last Born on his 8th Birthday

It’s a strange thing; watching your child grow. How one day you are marvelling at their tiny fingers and toes; and almost instantly, you are wiggling one of their loose milk teeth and waiting for it to fall out! Time has been kind in that regard, allowing us to hang on to those baby teeth of yours until just about now; and even though I half expected it to happen soon, it just seems like it was the one final thing  that was keeping you small…keeping you my baby.

I suppose it is apt timing too, since you have grown up so much in this past year…and I know I’ve been in denial about that, since I still seem to be buying you clothes and shoes in sizes too small – A clear indication that my heart doesn’t seem to want to let go of my little Zee. But I also don’t mean you growing just in size. I mean that you’ve really just grown! In all spheres of life, and very often I am blown away by it all! 
Gone is that timid, shy and insecure little boy; and in his place stands a strong, independent and confident young lad that I sometimes hardly recognise!  I used to see a lot of myself in you before…gentle, soft hearted and sensitive; and granted, that boy is still there…but lately I am starting to see a lot of your Dad in you too. You are hard-working, determined and refuse to give in to failure. You don’t give up and keep on giving your best at all times <3 Your are unmistakably our child and you have inherited both mine and your father’s most endearing traits!
There are times that you surprise me with the extent of your knowledge about things that pique your interest, and astound me with your photographic like memory, and leave me speechless with your ever expanding vocabulary. Sometimes you come across as a little indecisive, but I love that you don’t make decisions on impulse or in haste, and that you take your time to think things through and weigh out all your options before you finally decide.  I selfishly wish I could take credit for teaching you some of the things you know, but I think learning is so natural and effortless for you. There’s a genuine thirst for knowledge that I’m incapable of quenching and an undeniable fire burning inside of you – an unmistakeable will and determination to succeed! I only wish I played a bigger role in helping you become the super kid that you are!
There’s no pause button in life and sometimes I wish that I wouldn’t grow old and you wouldn’t grow up. I am grateful that you are not in too much of a hurry to grow up. That even though you are growing, you haven’t outgrown being my baby boy. I am grateful that you still demand my attention and cuddles and solo coffee and lunch dates. I am grateful that I get to be your mom and I am especially happy to have been blessed with a child like you! I am extremely proud of all that you are and I have no doubt that you will achieve great things in your life…but just remember one thing – no matter how much you grow, you will always be my baby boy!
Love Always,
Mom :-)

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