Life Lately – December 2016

We are well into the second week (or is it the third? I can’t be too sure ) of the school holiday already, and I really thought I would be sipping on mocktails while soaking up the sun on one of our city’s pristine beaches. But alas, it hasn’t been quite that idyllic. It was wedding week for a bride I was meant to help get ready for her big day, and  between assisting the bride, and also running around between hospital and home to visit my sick aunt; the Summer vacation did not have a smooth take off at all.

In fact, it has been peppered with twists and turns that I’m still trying to recover from. But as usual, welded between our hardships and trials, there is always a valuable lesson to learn…

We tend to rely so much on planning…planning our day, planning for weddings, planning our school holiday’s, planning an overseas vacation! So often we plan months in advance, and for obvious reasons planning is very necessary; but life and nature often paves it’s own route. And no matter how much we plan and schedule our time, it’s the unplanned route that we must always be prepared for, that we must be ready to accept and follow.

November was a crazy busy month and I was really looking forward to some down time and fun activities with the kids during the December holiday period. Last week Saturday I was supposed to dress a bride on her big day, instead, I landed up burying my aunt. I had a mental plan and picture about how I imagined things to be, but life…and the consequent death of a close family member meant that plans had to be forfeited for the unexpected…for the unplanned…for what was more important. It was a clear indication to me that no matter how much or how far ahead we may plan; the Almighty is the best of planners and we must always be ready to embrace and accept whatever plan he has set out for us!

It was an emotionally rough week for us all, but as always, we are getting through it with the strength of faith and the bond of family <3

Thanks for reading.


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