My Truths – Starting off 2017

It’s amazing how hopeful the dawn of a new year makes one feel. But it’s even more amazing to see how the course of a year has the ability to change us from within…


Although we are well on our way into the new year, I have no profoundly big resolutions to proclaim to the world. I’ve been a bit slow to the draw this year; and though I’d like to think it’s because I’ve been too busy living in the present moment…the truth is that I may have been dragged out a bit too far by the current of my worldly pursuits, that I haven’t quite paused for long enough to reflect on my soul.


These words finds itself spilling out of me while the world is still embraced in slumber. When the first rays of the new year touches the sky and kisses the ground. While the wind whispers to the leaves with the familiarity of a lover to it’s muse; and my thoughts spill out of my mind and cling to sheets of paper in the same soothing way. A new year and new day dawns without much more promise than yesterday, and perhaps the only difference is this acknowledgement of the journey of our spirit with overzealous promises of bettering ourselves, until the way of the world consumes us, shifts our focus, pulls us adrift and drags us completely off course…


I suppose this post is a bit like throwing out my anchor while at sea. A brief pause to take stock of myself, my journey and my path before I get swept away by it all…and though one can’t predict what lies over the horizon; the journey ahead is made easier when we can use the lessons we have already learnt along the way.


2016 has taught me in numerous ways to trust the journey and have faith in the bigger plan; and that everyone’s journey is guiding them in the same mysterious way. It’s this faith that gets me through the horrors we witness – the unfair wars…the gruesome images I cannot erase…the moments I feel helpless as a human.


It has also taught me, that as glorious as today’s sunrise is; tomorrow isn’t promised. That we should savour the passing seasons and changing years as if it were the last. That each day is a new beginning- a chance to live better, fight our demons and find that elusive inner peace we are all striving towards.


It was a reminder that all these “things” we work so hard for, are not the things we take with us when we leave this realm for the next…
The world may be too big to change by ourselves, and sometimes the future seems bleak. But we do have a very big hand in tomorrow’s world; by raising its future residents; and to me, that’s a very good place to start the change! To rebuild faith in humanity, we have to rebuild humanity itself, and what better way than on the foundations of the basic human principles of kindness, tolerance and compassion for ALL.


I don’t know what 2017 has in store for me even though I have an idea of how I would like it to be. But I also know to trust the plan that is already in motion for me and be grateful that I can still languish in the mirage of hope; where in some parts of the world, Hope seems so…hopeless.  
So in this year of 2017, as I’ve become accustomed to doing and will continue to do for as many sunrises and sunsets I am granted; I resolve to be more present, to continue looking at every obstacle as a lesson, and allow my journey to lead me to where I need to be. Change starts with us as individuals. Let’s all strive this year to be better humans – in our solitude, in our homes and to all we come across in our daily interactions…and though we may not know what the New Year holds, we can decide to live it more purposefully!

I’m excited to see what this year has in store for me…what it will teach me, and how it will change me; and as always I’ll be documenting it all right here as I go along!

Thanks for reading!!

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