MRP Denim

It’s too soon to say we are back into the swing of our normal routine, although I won’t lie; I am enjoying what is the first calm and quiet morning in a while! No T.V. No arguments. No nagging. Just me, a cup of coffee and some Eid biscuits to keep me company!

No doubt, the kids are growing up and the house during the holidays is a lot calmer than it used to be. They possess a new found independence and sense of responsibility that was lacking in their former years…but on the flip side, the older two are also developing their own sense of style and attracted to fashion in a way that wasn’t there before either!

But we all know following trends can be expensive business! Throw into the equation some fashion conscious tweens who outgrows clothes and trends like it’s nobody’s business, and it will have one relooking our budget a few times! Which makes me grateful for stores like MRP. Offering up to date trends that are easy on the budget, means that accommodating the demands of tweens is a little easier on the wallet!

MRP gifted the kids with awesome winter fashion a couple of months ago at the Cape Town Mom Blogger Meet Up and the kids have made thorough use of their Winter goodies! They were most impressed with their denims…and so was I! So happy were they that they even agreed to do this mini photo shoot in appreciation for their fantastic threads…and thrilled at the idea that it has opened the doors to a more budget friendly shopping alternative for the future!




Saafiyah is wearing MRP dungaree and Raqeeb is wearing jogger and shirt both from MRP
Thanks MRP! And thanks for reading!



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