Wardrobe Blues

Writing, for me, has always been the best cure for the blues! I have written my way out of so many phases in my life, journeying from deep waters to the shallow shores with the ink of my pen as my trusty companion. The rhythmic movement of pen against paper…fingers dancing on keyboard…words flooding out, has such a calming effect on my mind. Writing out all the bottled up emotions and thoughts, releasing them from the cage of my mind, setting them free and reclaiming balance and harmony…finding solace in this primitive art…that’s what writing means to me!

Blogging has been a continuation of that process. Documenting the little lessons and discoveries I make along the way and finding the hidden messages in all that I do has been most rewarding. Being able to do it while hiding behind a screen, sitting in pyjamas….extremely comforting!

But these rhythmic words of mine has had an impact on more than just my mind of late. There have been instances along this journey I have not been prepared for at all and that have caught me totally by surprise! Having to represent myself in person  now and again has kind of forced me out of my wardrobe lull…forced me out of my trusty tracksuit and faithful flats…and helped me rediscover my sense of style!

So I’ve been putting a bit more effort in my wardrobe, even started wearing heels more often than usual, adding a smidgen of lipstick here and there! You see, writing has always been the best cure for my blues…and it seems to have cured me of my wardrobe blues too 😉




 MY LOOK (Styled by Moon)
Dress: Gift (Woolworths)
 Jeans: Woolworths
Shoes: Truworths
Accessories: Borrowed from Moon
Photographs: Larry English Photography
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