My Truths – Trust the Journey

It’s been a while since I’ve written for me – for my mind and for my soul. There was a time I depended heavily on ink and paper to get me through obstacles and clear my head. For a long time, the only voice I had was the words sprawled across paper. But I think I’ve gotten used to the rhythm of life. The ebb and flow…the uphill climbs and the raging torrents that steer us towards our peaceful pastures. I’ve learnt; on the most part; to submit to the moment, search for the lesson and trust the journey I’m on; and for a while I think I may have outgrown the cathartic motion of scribbling on paper and pouring my heart out between the covers of a journal. For a while I gave up on my dependency on scripting my emotions and I think I’ve forgotten how healing it can be, how therapeutic it is and how much it helps in plotting my progress and lessons as I journey through Life.

Nobody is born with all Life’s answers. No matter how familiar our daily routine is; every day is uncharted territory…everyday we face our own reflections. Our daily lives and interactions are constantly shaping us and challenging our minds. Once you open yourself to start living consciously, you realise that there are no plateaus in life. That even though you may have conquered your biggest hurdle in life; the mini hills we encounter still bring along valuable lessons. Some life lessons make their way to us with a big dramatic entrance, and some make their way to you in a more subtle manner, but every single one of them is significant and contributes to our evolution.

I know that the storms in my head only signifies my own internal struggle. Sometimes these struggles and lessons come disguised as anger, hate, hurt, criticism of others…and sometimes they come disguised as Love. Love, care and compassion for people is never a bad thing, but it can become a hindrance when you become emotionally attached or you’ve over invested your time and energy in  someone else’s journey…someone who may not be as invested in it as you are.

Sometimes, our own growth makes us a little critical of others. Often, when we’ve been through similar things ourselves, it makes us recognise the same struggle in others. On the most part, when there’s no emotional attachment, it makes me more empathetic to their journey and more accepting of their path, knowing full well the evolution taking place…but when you’re emotionally invested it’s a little harder to separate yourself from their journey.

It makes me want to implement all I know to be right in the situation! You see the path that is still so unfamiliar to the one travelling it, and you have the burning desire to steer the person toward the right course – with all the right intentions of course. But part of putting trust in the journey means that we have to acknowledge the process, journey and path of others too. Even though we are all on different plains, everyone is going through some form of the exact same process. And just because you are a part time feature of someone’s  life; some of the mystery, beauty and lessons is for them to unravel by themselves.

Over time I have learnt that no matter how much I think I know, I will not always be the vessel helping others to shore. Each person has their own time and is on their own path to reach their own destination. We each have our own source of light… and also have our own guiding light (mine is my mother)…Never mind who it is, what’s important is that we are travelling towards our destination at all.

In each and every one of us lies a story…an untold tale of the journey of how we have arrived at our present moment. Consciously or subconsciously, our circumstances have shaped and moulded us. In most instances, the pain, suffering and scars ignites the light that is present in us all and awakens our true purpose; our inner consciousness…for others we have to trust that their journey will lead them there. As I grow…not only older, but grow as a person; I have started to respect the path that each person is on without judgement. And if judgement does arise, I have to remind myself to trust the journey…mine AND theirs!

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