Don’t Care…

I don’t care…I seriously don’t! I don’t care that we used to be friends…and that now we barely even talk…

I don’t care that we never quarrelled…that you just decided to call it quits…that you decided I wasn’t worthy of your friendship.

I don’t care that we used to be able to talk for hours on end…laughing, making jokes…and that now the atmosphere is strained between the two of us…an awkward silence hanging in the air.

I don’t care that I shared my secrets with you…that I laid my soul bare. That I trusted you…and you betrayed it…

I don’t care that it’s not the first time…that the last time, I actually forgave you!

You’re not looking for friends you say…I believe that, because there’s a hidden agenda behind all that you do! But I don’t care…because I’m not looking for friends too…most definitely not in you!!
I think you’ve always been inherently rude…that it’s part of who you are. Cold, callous, uncaring. That it masks your own insecurities. I think that deep down, you’re an unhappy person. Miserable! That neither your fake smile or your fake friends can mask.
And so, I don’t care! Because the problem is definitely not me – it’s YOU!!! And I refuse to spend my time questioning and doubting myself over someone who has never seen me as anything but an opportunity. A pair of ears to listen to their woes…I was available, and willing, and kind enough to give you a chance!
But I don’t care…not anymore…because I can see clearly now…and I see you for what you are!


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