Eid-Ul-Fitr 2016

No matter how prepared we think we are, nothing tests one’s patience like the last few days before Eid! There’s always a mad dash and a last minute scramble and a recipe that flops! Living in the middle of a predominantly Muslim community means that the entire area becomes an explosion of people and cars venturing out in a last minute attempt to get things done. It definitely contributes to a uniquely South African Eid vibe which I’ve come to appreciate and love!

 Eid itself was a lot less stressful and chaotic than it usually is. I suppose a little bit of planning and much better time management created a better balance in which I was able to get things done without any major stress. The kids being older and a bit more understanding and co-operative definitely  helped.

There were times when I used to feel like I could do without the drama of getting  dressed up on Eid day. When you’re struggling with young kids, getting glammed up is the furthest thing from our mind, but I’ve come to realise the importance of upholding certain traditions…upholding OUR traditions in a world where our heritage is being watered down with the western culture we are submerged in. It certainly makes me grateful to be living in a community that proudly values our culture and heritage, to be able to step out on Eid (and the days before) and be engulfed in an ambiance that is rich in tradition instead of one where we are desperately trying to hold onto it!

It’s a huge contributing factor into why I put so much effort and fuss into this day. It’s so that my kids have moments to remember and traditions they can treasure. It’s so that they have a heritage to pass on to the next generation! And even though our landscape is constantly changing and we are constantly evolving to accommodate it, the one thing that will remain unchanged is that these big days and special moments will always revolve around family….

A week has passed since our Eid festivities, and I’m kind of grateful that it’s been a week of relaxation instead of heading full throttle into the busyness of everyday life. It’s given me a chance to absorb the impact the month has had on me, process my thoughts and embrace the calm! And now that the school holiday is also coming to an end, I feel rejuvenated; body, mind and soul; and ready to tackle things once more!

So many pic.. but not a single one where all of them are smiling!
These two have a bond that’s unbreakable <3
Brother love!
Aryana’s first Eid
Sister Selfie
Neeraj’s first Eid too LOL
Signature teenage expression!!!
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