Battle of the Bulge – The Mental Plateau

So… I survived the holidays, I’ve lost a few kilos and outgrew my dependency on my fat jeans! My clothes are fitting so much better; dare I say, even a bit looser and I’ve finally reached my ‘thin’ fat weight! You know, where you’re thin enough to fit into your smaller sizes but not thin enough to be classified thin??! Anyway, I’ve reached my comfort zone. Not my ideal weight, but my comfortable weight…and with that comes a mental plateau!

If  I’m going to be honest with myself, then I have to admit that I’ve started to slack a little bit. The momentum with which I’ve started this journey has started to wane. To me, it’s all too familiar…lose a couple of kilos, fit into your favourite jeans and then find myself smack bang in the centre of a love triangle of wanting to lose more weight but not able to give up food!

Perhaps I was a bit presumptuous thinking that this dieters high would last forever!! Perhaps I thought that I could keep the momentum going strong. But I am learning that this journey; as with every journey; will be greeted with many peaks and dips along the way. And when the dips appear, we need to fight hard to propel ourselves forward before we get stuck in the rut once more…

For me, it’s important to recognise and acknowledge these little potholes. To deny them would only mean that I’m lying to myself and evading my own reality…only to wake up when the kilos have piled back on! So right now, I need a good kick up the rear to get the engines roaring again; to get the desire and fire inside to start burning up once more!  I feel like if I can break past my current weight, my comfortable weight, it will be like I’ve finally made a breakthrough worthy to note!

And almost as if the internet can read my mind, amidst my social media feeds I’ve been finding random posts pop up, inviting me to join various challenges; enticing me to give up bread and sugar and other delicious things that are apparently not good for you, but gives you the kick start you need and gets you back into gear 😉  I know I’ve got to do something different…this may just be what I need!

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