A Roundup of the Year Gone By

As the sun sets on 2015, and the sun lingers for its final moments before the dawn breaks on a new year and we begin to look upon the horizon with renewed hope and goals and dreams; I always find some solace in taking a look at the moments that have passed us by. The ones that have  had the biggest impact on me. The moments that have challenged my heart and mind. The moments that have made me pause and reflect. The ones that have opened my mind and replenished the soul. For in Life’s journey, these moments, big and small, unravel the greatest discoveries within ourselves.
Looking back over the months that have passed, this has been a big year of Change for us all. So many big moments and big decisions that have altered the course of our paths. Moments that have made us pause and wonder what lies around the next corner and many moments of joy and celebration too! We have celebrated weddings and welcomed a baby…while also having to embrace a few ditches and dents along the way. It has not been easy sailing all the way; but we have learnt, we have hurt and we have discovered…and we have done so as a Family!
2015 has definitely left its mark on me! It’s been a year of big changes and new beginnings. And as we bid our final adieu’s; I will hang on dearly to the lessons I have learnt along the way. At the end of it all, the ebb and flow of  Life will always be constant. Though it’s important for us not to be pulled by the tide it’s also important not to fight our way to the safety of familiar shores. The waves of change will always come, and when they do, we must embrace it and move with the flow of the current, instead of fighting against it!

Here’s a list of my personal favourite pieces of 2015. It might not have all been popular, but they are the ones that stand out most to me for this year…

Endings and Beginnings  Last years ending was this years beginning…A recurring theme in various ways for all of us this year. Beginnings and endings always interwoven. One thing always leading to the next…

Life Begins @ 40  My eldest sister celebrated a big milestone as she entered her 40’s. Naturally this post was full of sisterly sentiments
Second Chance  My sister got married!!! And though there were quite a few posts revolving around the various festivities; this one is my favourite 🙂
What the Future Holds My eldest child became a Teen! Obviously this opens one up to unfamiliar territory and a host of concerns!

 Introducing Aryana Just as I’m about to emerge from the haze that comes with having young kids; just as I thought I was done with babies…I became an aunt again when we welcomed little Aryana into our midst and I lost my heart once more!

Thank you for all your continued support…for reading, following and being part of my journey!
Here’s hoping you will tag along in the new year…learning, conquering and growing together 🙂
Much Love!



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