Celebrating Eid

By now I am sure, everyone has recovered from Eid celebrations, the post Eid binge and the long weekend; and already back into the swing of the normal day to day mundane routines. The only remnants of Eid day being the extra lumps on our hips from all our guilty indulgences!
No matter where in the world one happened to be celebrating, one thing is certain, Eid is about unity, family, tradition…and food. While here in South Africa our celebrations are rich in old traditions, it is refreshing to watch as family and friends who have settled abroad have created and embraced new traditions too. But, whether new or old, wherever you may be, Eid still holds the underlying feeling of bringing communities, family and friends; together.
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (and dessert) were all big family affairs, with everyone contributing to the menu and table of treats. The combined effort of all the ladies of the family, led to a wonderfully enjoyable Eid day; lots of laughter and a Skype session with my brother; and I even managed to survive the entire day in heels!! Due to the busy nature of our typical Eid day in Cape Town, I was not able to capture everything on camera, but here are a few of the things I did manage to snap…


Tradition of giving money to all the young kids of the family. 





I managed  to equal Abdur Raaziq’s height with the help of some major heels!!!
(short aunt problems!)
Walking around in 2cm mini wedges is soooo exhausting 😉
Saafi getting a foot massage from big cousin Waseem.
Celebrating in the UK… my brother’s kids, Abdul Hameed and Shuaib.
All partied out! Grandkids at Naani’s house for dinner.
Both Moon and Saafiyah inherited these rings from their mom’s :-)


Beautiful big sister Appa!


homemade chocolate truffles…

mini carrot cakes…

red velvet cupcakes…

baked cheesecake with chocolate and butterscotch sauce…
and eclairs made by Deed…
I feel slightly bad for mostly taking pics of the things I made. Everyone put in a lot of effort to make our Eid table look fantastic!!
Enjoy the weekend.

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