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In a world where western culture, pop culture and the likes is slowly starting to take precedence in our lives; it is refreshing to have a day dedicated to our roots. South Africa has a rich colonial history, and as disturbing as our past is, the happy ending and silver lining lies in us all being able to bask under the African sun and embrace our diverse culture despite the perplexities involved in arriving here…

Growing up as an Indian in Africa, in a country where your own culture doesn’t dominate,  is not always easy and sticking to your roots can become difficult when you are in the midst of  so much diversity. I think it makes days like today all the more sweet…in the office, schools and the internet ;-)…it’s an opportunity to stand proud, learn more and embrace our identities instead of shying away from it and being forced to conform. It gives our own kids a chance to revel in their identities as Indian, Xhosa, Zulu, Malaysian, Chinese etc. …and understand the beauty of being able to stand proud in the midst of it all.

My own identity is tied heavily to my Indian heritage. Both my parents have a deep rooted history in India and it is through them that our culture has been passed on. My mom has been pivotal in keeping us in touch with our Indian heritage and keeping it alive!  Where others tend to shy away from it, we proudly embrace it! It  is very much a part of us and forms a huge part of my identity. It’s great to live in a country that celebrates our diversity and it certainly makes it easier to pass these things on to the next generation.

My mom has done a great job in handing down traditions. While the rest of my siblings picked up on the dress code and the language…I dropped the language…but nailed the dress sense and the cooking LOL! But soon the baton will be passed on to us to uphold, upkeep and pass on…It is why it’s so important that we embrace things like our heritage; while still being able to differentiate between our culture and religion; and we proudly hang on to the things that define us…where we come from, where we are and where we are headed!

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                                                                                                                                                  (Larry English Photography)
                                                                                                                                                              (2Cherries Photography)
Happy Heritage Day! 
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