Kylie Jenner…Is This What 17 Looks Like??

When did 17 year olds stop being 17? When did they stop being fresh faced and carefree, and turn into stripper wannabe’s!? Do we blame the internet? Social media? Or bad parenting?…Or has society and technology developed so rapidly over the years, that those ghastly teenage years are documented for all eternity…for all the world to dissect and see?
I was recently left horrified when I stumbled across Kylie Jenner’s Instagram account…my mouth literally hanging in shock at the provocative images posted by the 17 year old…one setting international trends nonetheless. One being copied and looked up to by millions of young girls worldwide.

I understand that celebs live under public scrutiny. That the young are especially vulnerable to the pitfalls of the fast paced, superficial, narcissistic and over sexed  lifestyle that comes with living in an environment that thrives on overexposure. That this behaviour stems from being submerged in a society where selling yourself seems like the only way to the top!
Now, what the next person does is none of my business and I am not one to be swayed by the likes of Celebville…This is not a message of concern to Kylie. She has her parents for that. Besides, there have been enough open letters written to celebs who will never read them. My concern is my daughter, who, at soon to be 13, is only four years younger than Kylie! Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for being proud of your body, but be proud enough to give it the respect it deserves!!! Provocative and suggestive poses do not do your body (or personality) justice. All you are doing is creating an image that probably doesn’t even represent the true you…It only just about causes a stir and gets millions of people chatting about you for all the wrong reasons. Is that what you want to be known for??

 Though I have no doubt that this is just a passing phase for Kylie ( I am hoping and praying) and that everyone eventually finds themselves; the kind of pressure that social media creates for the vulnerable youth is quite frightening from a parents perspective!  

Kim Kardashian herself has made a fortune and forged a career from her ‘Big Mistake’. We’ve seen Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus both go off the rails and they too seem to be making money and carrying on. Sure enough, life doesn’t stand still…but the lesson to learn is that in today’s digital age, your mistakes can no longer be swept under the rug. They become permanent markers against your name and the stigma remains for ever and ever. Your online presence is a representation of YOU. Sometimes, keeping a low profile and staying under the radar might not gain one endless popularity, but you can be assured that you will always be recognised for the right reasons…
Do you think there’s too much pressure on celebs to be role models?

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