Bitten by the Moon Bug

31 years ago, my mother was blessed with a very special Mother’s Day gift…her youngest child, a daughter, my sister, my friend. Although I have no recollection of that day, judging by old pics, I looked less than impressed at this little being(okay, not so little weighing in at 5kilos) that had taken over my space, my role as youngest.  Today, however, nothing can be further from the truth and I couldn’t be a prouder big sister.
For years my mom would tell the story about the best Mother’s Day present she ever received, was the cute, button nosed girl that livened up her house, and Moon would sit wide eyed and beaming with pride. I’m sure at the time I wished I was born on Mother’s Day too, ‘cos everyone seemed smitten by the Moon Bug!!!
As the years passed, and one by one we all became mothers too, this little girl (who was not so little anymore),who was the best Mother’s Day gift my mom had ever received; had to share her day with all of us. Until one year she devised a plan that I must give her credit for, was a damn good one! Mother’s Day is in honour of mothers you see, and birthdays are meant to be celebrated!
If there’s anyone I know that can organise themselves a party (never mind 3),then it’s Moon…So each year, from then on, she has 3 celebrations. She organises a family outing that all our kids can enjoy, after all she is the fun, young aunt with a reputation to keep; a sisters only outing, which we rarely did at the time she started this plan; and then a special celebration with just her and her husband.
So now it’s become somewhat of a tradition that everyone looks forward to….especially the kids….and it seems they too have been bitten by the Moon Bug!! 

This year we celebrated at Let’s Go Bowling, Stadium on Main.

Birthday Bowling Fun:  A Family Affair

Birthday Cupcakes baked by Yours Truly (Recipe post coming soon)

Yummy Chocolate Squares….Always a hit with the kids!

It’s my party and I’ll eat carbs if i want to!!! 😉

Partners in Crime 😀

Sisterly Love! xxx


Happy Birthday Moon!
You’re not only the best Mother’s Day Gift
You’re the best little sister too!

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