Second Chances…

Certain things in life are promised to us and there is no way of escaping it. And though every human shall taste love and loss, success and failure, joy and sorrow…the order in which they reveal themselves will be different for every being. There is no fixed formula in the way life reveals itself, only faith that each chapter is preparing us for a brighter tomorrow…
In her lifetime, my sister has tasted disappointment and heartache one time too many, and even though, as a family, we have been loyally by her side through it all, I am happy that the tides are changing for her, that her heart is getting a taste of love and her life is filled with joy…
Every once in a while, Life hands us a second chance, a gift, a curve ball that has the power to wipe away an ocean of grief, change our destiny and open up a whole new world of possibilities before us!  Sometimes we have to have faith that Fate and Destiny will lead us to where we need to be…and into the arms of the right person!
It is important to never lose sight of our beacon of hope…that one day the dawn will come bearing Love, Joy and endless blessings from above…Your destiny has brought  you here. Your time is now! Enjoy every minute of it 🙂
A new chapter for Mother and Son…
The guy who has captured her heart <3
Only 19 days till the wedding!
Looking forward to it all!

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