Happy Holidays!

School is out, and the first thing I’ve done is deactivate my
morning alarm!!! Holidays are here, and I gladly welcome the escape from the
early mornings, homework madness, extra murals, and carpooling crazy rush.
School holidays are a great time to loosen the restraints that are part and
parcel of a busy schedule.

In my house, holidays symbolise lazing around a little bit longer in our pj’s,
lounging in front of the TV, a little more of a thought out breakfast menu,
enjoying the outdoors with the kids on Cape Towns’ charming, sunny, winter
days; maybe catching a movie on one of the stormy days, bonding with family,
and include the kids in some household chores as well!

Of course having the kids at home comes with its own set of challenges,
especially with the chilly winter days keeping us house bound. Extra squabbles,
extra dishes, extra noise, extra mess and 24/7 kitchen duty for extra and
constantly hungry kids! One almost needs to approach the holidays with a game
plan to keep our sanity!

I’m definitely looking forward to the more relaxed 3 weeks that lay
ahead….where I hope to be able to maintain my gym routine, get active with
the kids outdoors, involve them in some baking, do some preparation for
Ramadaan, squeeze in some writing for the blog, and perhaps even, get to read a
book. As I write these last few words, I already hear the start of a squabble
in the other room and the kids are fast approaching with a high pitched
“MOM!!!!”. Someone has done something to someone, a look… a touch perhaps?
Aaah, my holidays have begun!! Happy Holidays to the rest of you too…


I thought this one was just classic, and I’m sure other Moms will agree!

Seriously considering using this line….
Enjoy the holidays

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