Summer Highlights – Paintball Fun!

The best thing I could’ve done this past Summer, was let go of the strings of restraint…both for myself and my children. Initially, six weeks seemed like a ridiculously long time which I had envisioned to be laden with petty squabbles, endless dishes and little fun for me! But a change of mind set and a change of strategy created a six week platform to create beautiful memories with my children, siblings, parents, husband, nephews and nieces…and the 900 odd pictures I’ve managed to capture in this time is proof of that!
It was the first Summer in a long time that we just succumbed to the moment, moved with the wind, danced to a rhythm of our own beat. No wedding prep or travels to intervene and intrude on our love affair with the long Summer days. But with the kids now back at school and rapidly settling into their usual routine…all these moments will soon just be distant memories and the only way I can keep them alive is by documenting them here!
This is my way of hanging onto the final remnants of a Summer break that has ended far too quickly…making the magic last a tiny bit longer…languishing in the fading rays of a Summer worth remembering, before we get carried away by the current of another year!
One of the highlights for the kids was definitely the action packed afternoon spent at SWAT Paintball, a paintball venue in Somerset West. A rather delayed birthday party of sorts for my Rocky, who turned 11 in the middle of the exam period, we trekked his cousins and a few friends along to join in the fun on a rather scorcher of a day!
SWAT is not an elaborate venue if you’re looking to host a full on, themed party, with very little to offer with regards to party facilities (not that we were even prepared for a party! lol) . But the kids were more than satisfied to just be together, playing the field, aiming, shooting, missing and getting ‘war’ bruises along the way. Of course we joined in the fun too…but to be honest, I could not handle the protective mask in the sweltering heat for more than one round! The kids, however, could’ve gone on all day!
Proud parents 🙂
Nephew & Aunt…looking more like brother and sister <3

Getting instructions

Moon is always camera ready!


Faking injury!! haha

Whatever boys can do, I can do better!
Thanks to Deed for entertaining Zee for the day, ‘cos he was too young to participate in the fun. 
Thanks for reading!

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