Party Time!!

When it comes to birthday parties, I’ve really been through it all! Jumping castles and pool parties; Princess dress up and sing star. Barbeques, Ben 10, parties in the park. Pamper parties with pamper boxes as party packs(that was Moon’s idea), Lion cakes, butterfly and Nemo cakes too….between my nieces, nephews and my own kids as well, I have done it all… even got hubby to dress up as Barney!
Needless to say, by child number 3, I am tired of planning parties! I know it sounds horrible! I love getting lost in planning a good theme as much as the next person; I thinks it’s just a case of juggling too many things at the same time. 
This year Zaydaan’s birthday was in the middle of the bigger kids exams, which made planning a party near impossible and also a little inconsiderate to the bigger 2. And of course no party is complete without ALL family members in tow, and that was a bit difficult with everyone’s conflicting schedules…so a little improvisation was needed too! 
But when one is surrounded by as much Love as we are, then everything falls into place without any major planning needed. My family really do not look for invitations….they plan their own parties irrespective! Zee must take after his aunt Moon as he landed up having a 3 day celebration!! And of course, I made his cake. Nothing fancy, but made with Love 🙂 I realised that all children really look forward to on their birthdays is to feel special and loved and it’s the little things that count the most. Even though we had no formal party, everyone did a good job of making his day extra special 🙂 Thank You!!
First pic as a 5 year old!

Cupcakes for school.

Dad surprised Zee by fetching him from school!

While I fetched the bigger kids…

And we all met for lunch!

 Who needs birthday cake when you can have Lindt pudding!?
Then Deed decided to treat him to a trip to the Aquarium.

Needless to say, he was thrilled!

Then we had a little cake.
 I didn’t bother with many extra treats…

Webs on marie biscuits 🙂
Not one to miss out on a party, Moon organised her own impromptu dress up theme with the kids. The costume was a gift from Moon, which was delivered by special request of the birthday boy himself!
 Venom, Gwen Stacy, Harry Osbourne, Felecia Hardy (aka Black Cat), Amazing Spiderman and Mary Jane
Gwen Stacy!

Venom, Harry and Felicia!

Uncle Ben and Aunt May.


 More cake…

Then it was Oldest Aunt’s honour to spoil him with a treat to Spur…

Nephew and Aunt…

The tweens.

Grandma and her first born Grandson


More singing and sparkles…

Rocky was so chuffed with his fashion choices ‘cos it matched his Fashionista Aunt.
That’s it for today! Thanks for reading…

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