Chasing Sunsets

Getting dressed up for a wedding can be both a daunting and an exciting exercise! As I get older, I am starting to make wiser choices regarding my wardrobe, opting for quality fabrics and classic styles that flatter the figure, as opposed to restricting circulation in the name of high fashion! I’m finding beauty in simplicity and comfort and staying true to my identity…

 For me, this outfit encapsulates simplicity and elegance. A timeless piece that can be tucked away and taken out again and again…and the colours remind me so much of the beautiful South African sunset, which was the inspiration behind the flow of the following words.  

Chasing Sunsets


Trapped between the dawn and dusk,

moving faster than the hands of time,
enslaved by the confines of the day
until the sinking Sun makes it’s graceful departure.
An explosion of colour,
one final performance,
It’s last dance with the sky.
Final embraces of lovers being separated
The last rays of light lingering like perfume,
until the final curtain falls,
making way for the calming silence of the night
and the sky begins it’s love affair with the moon.
And tomorrow, we begin the cycle anew.
Oblivious to the Sun’s familiar embrace
only chasing the last dance,
only chasing the sunset…



Photography by: Saafiyah Sonday (My daughter)
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