Endings and Beginnings…

She stood there silently. A lone, solitary figure standing still, facing the torment of a violent storm. Where the howling wind hurls towards her, lashing her frail frame, whipping up against her weakening silhouette; where the pelting rain is her only embrace. Feet shackled to the ground, bound by sentiment and memories, unable to move. Her only escape are the steps she is too afraid to take…
Dwarfed by the shadow of falsities that looms around her. Held behind a prison wall cast of lies and deceit. A prisoner of her own fears, she hangs on to the blanket of the night; however dark and gloomy it may be; because that is what is familiar, that is what she knows. She cannot see the horizon and therefore she fears it, preferring to languish in perpetual darkness rather than embrace the inevitable change…. Until one day, desperation propels her forward and she takes a slow and steady step towards a destiny unknown.

Legs heavy, weighed down by the burdens of her past, of the life she so desperately wants to leave behind. With each step, she conquers the fears that have held her back for so long. With each step, she moves further away from the storm that has enveloped her existence and the further away she moves, the more swift her steps become until eventually, the distance between past and the pending horizon, is an equal measure and she stands at the cusp of the very change she had always longed for…the hilly horizon in clear view, ready for the climb!

The end and the beginning starting with the same single step, the delicate colours of sunrise and sunset interwoven, the fragrance of midnight still lingering in the air…embracing change like a suit of armour, she rises like a phoenix against the storm!

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