My Truths – Giving What We Can

In an ideal world, there would be no such thing as poverty and injustice, dictatorship and oppression, tyranny and autocracy. In a perfect world, all mankind would live in unison, in harmony. The truth is, the world will never be totally free of these despotic tendencies; for as long as the earth continues to spin there will be extremities; but that does not mean we, as humanity, should stop the fight against it.

Our actions may not change the outcome of the world nor entire nations, but it may change the course of someones destiny. If it has the power to create a ripple effect that can create a better chance for an individual, and in turn a family; then giving is never a futile act; for the rich man was once a poor boy in desperate need of a chance!

Charity, therefore, should not put the giver on a pedestal, but rather put humanity on an equal footing, because in this existence of extremities, the giver could easily become the one in need. Charity is not an act of ” I am better therefore I give”. It is the realisation that roles can change at any time and what I do now will resonate back to me…

It is quite apt then to say that charity begins at home…our first selfless acts are born in our homes. Giving bits of ourselves to our parents, siblings, partners, children. Sharing, caring, nurturing, empathy, sympathy…Doing little things for our family members opens our hearts to carrying out those traits towards others. Instilling these values in our kids gives us hope that the plight does not end with us, ensures continuity in the perpetual acts of giving….

A mans wealth lies not in his gold filled coffers. A mans true wealth lies in the good he has done in the world for others. The string of actions that go by without notice or reward…every smile, every kind word, every comforting embrace, every kind spirited action towards his fellows. This is what leads to a satisfyingly rich life.

Charity is not merely to give…it is not an act or something we do. It’s something you feel, an emotion, a character trait. When you awaken your mind to the needs of others, when giving starts to arouse your soul and cleanse your heart, and keeps your feet firmly rooted to the ground…THAT is where charity begins…the fruits of which, will prosper forever…


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