My Truths – Taming the Ego

The world seriously seems to have gone crazy! Wars are raging. Children are dying. People are killing people. I’m right. You’re wrong. Off with their heads!! Rockets are flying. Words are flinging and hatred is clinging. Compassion is dying….have we all completely lost the plot??

We are all so ready to take action, to pick up our swords and fight. To make a stand and validate our plight through voicing our opinions in any way or form, but action will amount to nothing if we haven’t paused to tame our minds. An untamed mind and an unchained ego only leads to more trouble I’m afraid.

At the core of all of us lies a seed, a force…In some of us, it is wild and raging, untamed and boisterous…and in some, it is a sliver of a shadow, but still present; whether it rears its head as anger and hatred, or whether it seems lost in the shadow, desperately seeking acceptance and approval; we all struggle to control our inner demons, our sense of self, our ‘I‘, our Ego. The parts of us that reacts with the outside world…

Sometimes, facing adversity helps us to identify and unravel the effects of a troublesome ego. Had we not suffered and struggled at some point, we would never have reached the Now we are at. We would not have been able to chain those feelings at all.

Sometimes it takes a lifetime of practice to master the art of restraint…of refraining from succumbing to the impulse of emotion that reacts to hurt, betrayal, anger, sorrow. But every once in a while the Ego rattles the bars of the cage, Trying to break free. Our mission is to keep it contained.

Perhaps I’m too much of a thinker. Perhaps I’m too cautious…But I am always mindful of the effects my actions has on the outcome…The bigger picture. The ending. From my spot on the tiny hill of solitude, all I see is raging egos in a world gone mad!!

We are living in very volatile times, where horrific crimes trigger off our inherent human emotion. To indulge that emotion, only fuels the fire instead of dousing it. To overlook it entirely is a disservice to our cause. We need to dig a bit deeper. We need to find a middle ground. We need to find the hidden message in our plight!

Our greatest battle will always be with ourselves. How we overcome adversity is largely dependant on our ability to hold onto our inner stillness. When we are fighting for a cause, we must always make sure that it is just us, the individual, without the help of our ego, because no battle was ever won on the strength of the ego…but rather in our ability to contain it…

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