A Message For My Daughter

Has it already been a year since I wrote THIS !?…With so much happening in the world at the moment, I have been thinking real hard about what words of wisdom I can impart on you my little girl, who is fast approaching the doorway that leads to the jungle of the real world and has a wide open field of choice ahead of her…
You will start to search for your own answers, discover solutions to life’s little mysteries and put together pieces of the puzzle that creates the picture of your life. Here are 12 things I want you to always remember, to celebrate the 12 years you turn today…
  1. I Love You…even when you think I don’t or think I’m cruel or think I favour your brothers. A mother’s love is unwavering. I might get angry or annoyed or have a bad day, but my love never fades…EVER! Remember that, always!!
  2. You Are Beautiful…Your natural wavy hair and big eyes and long lean legs…you are beautiful! And you don’t need to stick out your tongue on photo’s, or get hundreds of likes on Instagram to prove this. A pretty girl is nothing if she has an ugly heart…
  3. I am hard on you, but the world is harder…Once upon a time I was 12 too and sometimes I didn’t understand why Naani  was so strict about certain things. Now that I have a daughter too I see the wisdom behind her shield and as hard as I may seem, the world out there is so much more cruel.
  4. I am proud of your achievements…I am your mother and I know your strengths and your weaknesses. I know that you have a flair for fashion and love art and running and anything to do with fitness. You are compassionate and kind hearted and soft spoken too…but I am most proud when you try your best, even at the things you are not good at.
  5. Family First…Friends will come and go; betray and try to lead you astray. Never prioritise friends who are temporary, over the permanent fixtures that are family. Hopefully your Dad and I have been enough of an example to prove it to be true.
  6. Bond of Brothers…On that note, also remember that your brother was your first ‘best friend’ and has been for the past 11 years. And you have a little brother who you have helped nurture since birth. Never turn your back on your bond. Not for love, romance, money or friendship… or anything. Sometimes it will take effort, but it will only prosper if you remember to always nurture it.
  7. The world will try and change you, but always remember who you are…Sometimes it is easier to move with the flow of the stream than swim against it. The world is a beautiful place, but it will try and change your perceptions of what is important. Always remember your roots…always remember who you are!
  8. Rules to live by…Let your morals be your compass, your guiding light. Truth, Kindness, Faith, Honesty, Humility has never failed anyone and it will not fail you.
  9. Everything has consequences…Before you do anything, think of the consequences. I can shield you from a lot, but not from the consequences of your own actions. The good you do comes back to you and the bad you do will forever haunt you.
  10. Body Image…Is something I struggle with. Don’t let magazines or the internet dictate how you should look. Be proud of your shape. There is NO such thing as perfect…but always strive to be healthy.
  11. Confidence not Arrogance…Belief in yourself and your abilities will help you to achieve and conquer your goals. This is confidence. Believing nobody is better than you, is arrogance. Know the difference. Be confident not arrogant!
  12. Prince Charming…will eventually find you when the time is right. Don’t spend all your precious time looking for Prince Charming to sweep you off your feet. Instead, spend the time discovering YOU!!

    Love you,
    Forever & Always
    MOM 🙂

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