5 Reasons Why I Love Being an Aunt Again After All These Years of Being a Mom




I was an Aunt for a good six years before I became a mom, and in a way it was a great introduction to what lay ahead…of how your heart can stretch and grow and have the capacity house the love of so many tiny humans. How I can fall in love instantly and Love in a way that is unconditional. It taught me how to Love like a mom as I shared in all the joys and milestones and sat through school concerts with pride – and then also survived the toddler tantrums, bad report cards, life’s little accidents and the rollercoaster  ride of parenting at my sisters side. And even though I wasn’t really a mom myself  yet…it gave me a window to observe and feel what it was like.

Obviously being an aunt is no real preparation for the journey of motherhood. Being in the thick of things constantly, and surviving on exhaustion gives one a slightly different perspective doesn’t it. One that’s not through the rose tinted glasses of a disillusioned first time aunt. Eventually I had kids myself…and every year one of us sisters was having a kid…and I was no longer just an aunt. I was there, in the thick of things, riding this parenting wave with my sisters side by side. And then Aunty-ing becomes more like a game of tag…where you pass the whole bang lot of kids on from aunt to aunt so that we can all have turns to recover from the hecticness of life with kids.

Then before I knew it, the kids became teens and I was finally sleeping a full night and I felt like I finally made it!  And then my ovaries started to play games with me, and for a fleeting second I thought I  can make it through another round – but aaaah, my good friend, Memories, gives me the reality check I need to snap the heck out of it! And you think this is it. That’s impossible for your heart to grow and love anymore. That it’s game over for babies and bottles and vomit and dirty nappies. Until a sister of yours announces  a pregnancy and you’re back on this rollercoaster ride once more!

It’s been 2 months since we’ve welcomed our newest member to the family and both Baby Qiraan and mom are doing great. Being an aunt again after all this time of being a mom is pretty much the same as it’s always been. The love has been instant, and the attachment levels strong…and the new born snuggles without the struggles a real and genuine treat! I absolutely love being an aunt again – especially after thinking my family was complete – and here’s why:

1. You don’t have to do things like be pregnant and give birth!

Being a maternal aunt is a close as you will get to being a mom. It’s like having a baby without having to go through the trials to get there! You get to observe the process first hand, feel the movements and feed the cravings without having to morph your own body; and STILL enjoy the new born at the end of it all! It’s an all round win 🙂

2. You don’t have to lose sleep

You quickly realise the difference between  being an aunt and being a mom when you have to lose sleep! All the cuteness in the world will appear a bit dim when you’re filtering it through the eyes of the sleep deprived and exhausted. Obviously, at this stage of my life, I’m going to choose sleep over anything; so this way I get to enjoy all the perks and special moments of having another child, without actually losing any sleep.

3. I get to play an important role in another child’s life

Children have their parents to raise them and teach them values, but Aunts are always lurking in the background ready to step in and help. It truly takes a village to raise kids, and for our family, the aunts (and uncles) play a big role in making the children feel loved and secure and we will always be there for our nieces and nephews when they need us most – and also when they don’t. It’s a package deal!

4. We get to be the fun ones!

Often, when raising your own kids, you become more of a disciplinarian than anything resembling fun. And now, after years and years of being a nagging mother, I can once again revel in the joy of being the fun aunt. When you’re an aunt, although a pep talk and a lecture from time to time is necessary; you’re often seen as more fun than mom and dad. They rarely see you at worst, and almost always see you in a good mood – ‘cos who wouldn’t be in a good mood when you get to spend time with the young ones. We get to be involved in teaching them new things, make exciting new discoveries, guide, council, spoil and just generally be fun! And being part of our larger than life  unit means you’re lucky enough to have an aunt for every occasion. Score!

5. We have more helping hands than we did when we were raising kids

Raising kids  when you’re young, dumb and broke on your own (well not really, but sometimes you throw a pity party because it feels like it) can be exhausting and sap the fun out of being around children…even if they’re your own. Look, I’m just going to come out and say it. Aunts are great; but aunts with kids are greater! There’s more fun to be had (with the older cousins), more people who care, and more hands to ease the load! And as an aunt, I don’t have to second guess myself when offering to help because I know I have my own army of kids who are old enough and eager to be involved. Yes, being an aunt is easier when you have kids to help you out with being an aunt 🙂

I know I pretty much made being an aunt sound like being a dad, but honestly, being an aunt after I thought I was all auntied out is still as fulfilling as it’s always been. I get to relish in the sparkle and innocence of childhood where my own children’s childhood passed in a haze. I get to watch the beauty and splendour of another life unfold. I get to be there and witness it all. Really and truly…the next best thing to being a mom, is definitely being an aunt.


Welcome to the family ‘Lil Q! We love you more than you will ever know <3


Love Always



P.S If you haven’t already, you can watch his introduction to the family in the video below.

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