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Hi! I’m Namreen and I am a Blog Addict…I am not chasing an ideal, but rather fulfilling my dream to write and share my stories. Filling blank pages with my scribbles and then plunge them onto the screen.

 It seems to be a general question as to why anyone would start a blog. Especially with so many others already so far ahead in the game and with a much better success rate?? The answer for me is simple…Because beyond numbers and statistics and pretty pictures, there is a human race governed by emotion and connected by mutual experiences and feelings. There is a human spirit that I want to reach and touch with my words…and that is my addiction! I write. I bare my soul. And I pour out my heart…and I do it using this blog as a platform.

 This past Saturday I had an opportunity to meet up with fellow addicts at the picturesque Onze Rust farm in Stellenbosch! The great thing about Cape Town is that an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and the seaside can be found within our very own Province! The tranquil setting of the Cape Winelands is barely a half an hour drive away from home and  Stellenbosch really is a gem that I do not visit often enough. So, Saturday came as a welcomed retreat from the craziness of my everyday duties and this charming farm and Guesthouse set the captivating backdrop to a lovely afternoon in the company of fellow blogger friends 🙂

Most of my interactions with other bloggers tends to happen over social media! The aim of the Blog Addict event was to bring us together in a more intimate setting so that we can better engage and learn from one another. Listening to some of the success stories of other bloggers gave me some food for thought, but I must add that I find the journey of lesser known bloggers inspiring in their own right too! What is certain, big or small, huge following or a modest crowd, success is relative…and every single blogger ploughs a fair amount of dedication into something we all obviously feel passionate about.

It makes events like these all the more sweet! Various niches, all governed by a similar passion, brought together in one place to celebrate each others big successes and little milestones, together as a community! And boy did we do it in style!! Take a look…


On arrival, we were welcomed with refreshing non alcoholic grape juice and cheese platter while mingling under the canopy on the terrace of one of the farmhouses, now converted into a conference room.

Socialising…taking pics…and lots of laughs!

We proceeded to the formal part of the event…and walked away with these fantastic goodie boxes.

Décor and catering by Decadent Addiction

All in the details…

And then had a guided tour around the farm…

 I thoroughly enjoyed the tour by guesthouse owner, Ester. It was really inspiring to hear how each spot symbolises an aspect of her own personal journey.
image source: Amina Ebrahim



Guesthouse owner…

Naeemah and Rushda…trendy in olive!

Sweet Potato waffles with endless topping options! Sinful…
And this pic sums up our day….endless laughter! With an epic drive home thereafter…

These are just the highlights. I will do a follow up post and share the lovely pictures fellow Blogger, Amina Ebrahim was generous enough to take of me. 
A big thanks to Blog Addict for having me
And to the Sponsors:
Decadent Addiction for the catering
Onze Rust Guesthouse
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La Prairie
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Thanks for reading…


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