A Passion Renewed

I have really been enjoying the process of reacquainting myself with the kitchen; wrapping  myself in familiar scents and tastes; treating my family to nostalgic recipes that first got me enticed into the baking world. It’s been a tasty journey so far; baking and sharing some of my tried and tested favourites; old fashion recipes with equally old memories attached to them, memories that have broken my rebellious strike from the kitchen!

Lots has happened in the baking world during “the rebellion” it seems. So many new ideas, recipes and techniques that I have not yet attempted. Red Velvet cupcakes are almost out of season, and I have only just started making them. Cake Pops, Rainbow Cakes, Macaroons, Tiramisu Cupcakes…the list is endless. It seems the only person to have lost out, is the one that has taken themself out of the game; and in this case, it is me. Our passion you see, does not cease to exist and die within us, we just ignore to fan the flames!

As I dip my toes into the water once again,  I realise I have a lot of catching up to do, but I’m in no rush to go anywhere, just glad to be back, glad to have rediscovered my passion and reignited the spark; excited at the prospect of exploring new avenues; grateful that there are people ready to share and offer advice, and pass on valuable tips and words of  encouragement to an oldie baker like me!

So I’ve decided to steer away from the safety net of what I know, and venture a bit further from my comfort zone. My first experiment being this Rose Swirl cake which I made for my daughters’ birthday. I’m quite pleased and proud of the outcome! What do you guys think?

Fit for a princess!?


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