The Same, But Different…

When two people look the same, people mistakenly think they are the same. That in the same way they inherited similar shape eyes and noses…they automatically inherit the same strengths. The same weaknesses. People assume a duplicate nature, personality, interests. Nothing is further from the truth! Having grown up being compared to my sister my whole life…we may look the same and resemble each other in so many ways, but in reality, we could not be more different.

With just a year between us, it was an inevitability to be mistaken for twins and it didn’t help that my mom dressed us identically!! I honestly did not see the resemblance, but it did make our high school years quite amusing! We were mistaken for each other so frequently that people eventually started searching for things to tell us apart and in that, though we look so similar…we discovered so many things that were different!

One had long hair; the others hair was short. One was always smiling; the other was a little stern. One was shy and reserved; the other was quite outspoken…an extrovert. One was quiet; while the other was loud…the list goes on!

So, you see…We’re the same, but different, you and I…The same blood runs through our veins, same beginnings, same heritage…Same brother, same sisters…same yesterdays….and even though the tomorrows that greet us may be different; it’s the same in us both that helps us embrace the different! For in this world, each individual holds in them a key the other doesn’t have…and it is in that difference that we start to rely…and that is the difference we come to celebrate!!

Happy Birthday Deed!! Here’s to celebrating all that is different, and embracing all that is the same…Your coy smile; my loud laugh…I have to wonder though, if one day when we’re old and grey…we will still be confusing the heck out of everyone, or if they would be able to tell the difference by then!!

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