Baby Moon Coming Soon

Without a doubt, this has been a colossal year for our family! In some way or form, we have all had to embrace change… but perhaps the biggest adjustment is just a few weeks away. True, I’ve watched her body slowly transform over the past few months, but I don’t think it’s fully sunken in that in a few more weeks my baby sister will be a Mom! That my tomboy little sister has evolved and is soon to start her journey as a Mother!

As the due date draws closer, I guess it’s not only Moon who’s making room for change…we all are! Just when we thought all our babies have grown up, there’s a new little bundle we are ready to welcome, nurture, embrace and protect. And just as she has always been ready with open arms for all our kids, we will be fighting over hugs and kisses and nappy changes. trips to the park! And with her still being Mom’s baby herself, emotions are running high as the days pass by.

 Moon has been such a big part of all our kids lives, having been so actively involved in helping the rest of us raise our own; that it’s kind of strange watching her prepare for her own child…and now, all these years later, the kids she so freely embraced and entertained, are ready and queuing  to do the same for her baby. From the 19 year old to the 6 year old and everyone in between; they are all eagerly waiting to welcome their little cousin!

There’s no denying that this baby will be born into a fortitude of love! She has already captured all of our hearts, and we simply cannot wait to meet her, hold her and love her forever. In the meantime, as we prepare for her arrival into the world, we knew this journey would be incomplete without a baby shower of sort. Obviously not compromising on making it special for the Mom-to-be! And naturally, we involved ALL the kids. Moon has been a big part of their lives, and now they get to share in the excitement and be a part of this new journey too <3

Proud Parents- to- Be…Moonlight


Special Cake for a Special Occasion
Some Sweet Treats
Pretty Pink Turkish Delight Cupcakes


Yummy Desserts

Each guest got to leave a special message for the baby.  (Artwork by Saafiyah Sonday)
Firefly Funnies

Dad- to- be hopeful that the next one will be a boy lol
Awesome Agu- Mamu Bhai

Saafiyah Appa (Twinsies lol)

Shakeel Bhai Strikes a Pose

Two Naani’s having Fun

Amaarah Appa

A Baby Shower is not complete without Gifts
Rocky Bhaijaan

Waseem Bhaijaan and Naushaad Dada
Zee, counting down the days till he’s a ‘big brother’

A Firefly Family Tradition…The Countdown Calendar.   Awesome Agu makes one for every special family event.
Family Members leaving their print on the Family Tree

Artwork by Saafiyah Sonday

Didi Mummy Making her Mark
Proud Naani and Naana eagerly awaiting the new arrival.

Finally, the PIC OF THE DAY!… If all ANGLES else fails we have no choice BUT to take a Selfie hehehe.
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