Summer Highlights – Acrobranch

I sometimes still think of them ‘little’, but time flies and the kids are growing fast! I know this because every time I pass one them, or pause in the hallway next to them, or reach out to neaten a dishevelled head of hair, or lean in to steal an embrace; the realisation of their growing form shakens me ever so slightly. My daughter already has a slight advantage over me and  my son has already reached eye level…there’s only little zee, but he is adamant that he is the bigger two kids equal. 
To me, they will always be my children…in need of guidance and protection and a loving, watchful eye. Safety harness firmly clasped to me! But with this sudden shift in height, comes a perhaps more subtle shift in capabilities and I’m not quite sure I am ready to let go of being the harness and becoming the safety net instead…the protective landing when life knocks them down.
One of our final holiday adventures was the much anticipated trip to the ACROBRANCH obstacle course in Hout Bay. I must’ve driven past this place a gazillion times, catching glimpses of people having fun and vowing to take the kids to check it out and somehow failing to do so. And now I can finally revel in the pleasure of owning the experience!
With various not so easy obstacles perched high up in the trees and with three varying difficulty levels, it is the perfect thrill for adventure seekers and adrenalin junkies; also the kids, who possess seemingly endless amounts of energy! Definitely targeting core and arm strength, I left feeling like I had a solid workout!
Despite my anxiety about safety and what not, the bigger kids were quite fine with taking the lead navigating the course, which contains twenty-two obstacles, on their own, relying on each other for tips and support. (Not so ) Little Zee refused to be the only kid doing the beginner course (how dare I even suggest it! ) and managed to complete the course with ease and also under supervision of Moon and myself. It was also helpful knowing that there were trained patrons keeping a watchful eye on things and having them nearby should anyone find themselves in some trouble.
I guess this outing taught me to let go (somewhat!) and let the kids figure things out for themselves. My instinct is to always protect and even though the mothering harness will always be firmly in place, I have to trust the line that binds us together. As the rope lengthens, I must have faith that it will always lead back to me!

Getting harnessed

Mom photobombed our pic (in the background on the right)
New additions 😉


Getting instructions

Training course!

The action starts

Brave boy!


Anything the big guys do, I can do it too


Balancing…with style!

Caught in action

Awesome Agu helping us make a safe landing!
These nets were the hardest obstacle for me! I must admit that is was easier than I thought it would be but harder than it looks

ALWAYS camera ready!

A true test of core strength, these dangling logs didn’t get the better of me!

Always time for a selfie

Round two!

Waiting in line to zip line

Still smiling!
Look like fun? Go on and book a session for yourself!
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