Everything is Different, Yet Nothing Has Changed

Even though the sun rises and sets everyday; it does so to an ever changing landscape. Sometimes, we take for granted the daily constants in our lives, and become oblivious to the silent changes, until one day we wake up and realise the world as we knew it, is no more…

I have become so accustomed to seeing my parents with my heart instead of my eyes, that when my sight eventually caught up to the vision of reality, I realise, that though nothing is different…everything has changed…
I have been too preoccupied to notice the gradual, silent change…perhaps because things have always stayed the same. Hunched over a computer, filling out tax forms…trips to the grocery store…Loud and rowdy family dinners and lunches… corny jokes and infectious laughter…He is still the same Father I have always known! Still the same vibrant, cricket loving Dad. But somewhere down the line he stopped playing the game, and now secretly watches while he dodges the chores!

Nothing has changed…I fool myself into thinking. All is still the same. Lie in’s and cuddles, all piled up together.The kids on his lap and the childish, playful games. Animated conversations marked with giggles and laughter. It’s all still the same! But no longer Father and children; but grandkids and Granddad.

Each and every birthday; for as long as I can remember; we get woken up with his husky voiced rendition of the ‘Happy Birthday’ song!!! Time has changed everything, yet nothing at all…cos it’s 34 years on and I still get my birthday song, but only now with a call.

12 years have passed since I married and left home…and though time has changed so much, it hasn’t changed a thing at all. I return there almost daily, to all that is familiar, to all that is dear…and each time I do so, I am still lovingly welcomed as a child…cos though so many things may be different, nothing has changed at all.

I look back at all the photo’s…of the changing landscape I greet each day…of my parents and siblings and the memories we all share. And although I greet them each day in the same familiar way the sun kisses the earth, I now realise, that though still the same to me… things have inevitably changed. I need to face the reality that much time has elapsed; and that my once young, vibrant, energetic and boisterous Dad; has now become an old man!

Happy Birthday Dad!!!
Here is a little video of the ever changing landscape, that is my Family…
Loved dearly by your Loyal Wife, Kids and Grandchildren
Happy 69th Birthday DAD!

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