African Adventure

Everyday is an opportunity to create wonderful memories that will have the potential to leave a deep imprint on the hearts of those you have created them with. Shared memories bonds people together like nothing else. It is the glue of old friendships, strong marriages and family legacies. It unites us, rekindles forgotten emotions and bind us together for all eternity…
If you read my blog often enough you would’ve noticed that I come from a very close knit family…so close in fact, that even though I moved out and got married a long time ago, I am still very much at home in my parents home. As siblings, we make a lot of time to maintain the strong bond we have with our parents and also each other… and together, we make an effort to nurture the blossoming bonds that our kids share.
 Even though we are living in a time where we are juggling a multitude of things on a daily basis, Family ties is something we always strive hard to maintain. I believe that if something is important, we will make all the effort to ensure that goal comes into fruition. For me, that goal is to maintain the wonderful relationship my kids have with their family…for what we nurture today, will flourish tomorrow…
It is in this spirit of togetherness that we headed off to Giraffe House Wildlife Awareness Centre, situated in Stellenbosch about 35min outside Cape Town. Giraffe House offers a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. It boasts several km of open land, fresh air and an array of African Wildlife, and focuses on educating young and old about the importance of nature conservation. They offer the added bonus of hosting kids parties as well, but the highlight of the visit is definitely the animal encounters!!! 
 Giraffe House is home to numerous farm animals and African Wildlife, including various snakes, birds, meercats and these cute monkeys!
 The animal encounters is a definite highlight! Presented by the hilarious Pieter Oosthuizen, we all learnt so much about nature conservation and all the kids had an opportunity to get up close with animals we would otherwise be afraid of!
 The wide open spaces, fresh air and animal interactions; makes this a perfect venue for kids parties that’s both educational and fun! Includes a party area and also a jungle gym…
Memories are what stays behind long after souls have departed and they provide us comfort, warmth and contentment in our hearts! No matter where time or circumstances may lead us, shared moments are what will always keep us united!!
 A video montage of our African Adventure!
Hope you enjoyed,

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