Marie Claire Feature – What Makes YOU Powerful!

On set at the Marie Claire photo shoot

I spent a great part of my 20’s doubting my self worth and trying to fit the mould of what others expected and wanted me to be. I had a burning desire to be accepted. To fit in. To simply belong. In the process, I had lost my spark…lost myself. It reached a point where I was everything to everyone else, but I wasn’t being ME!

I had fought long and hard the battle from within, until I acknowledged that the only person holding me back is myself and that is when I finally emerged, no longer a slave to what others thought of me. So what makes ME powerful?
I feel that I only unleashed my full power once I stopped fighting a war with the world around me, and accepted that I am a part of it and needed to make my voice heard. My power lies in breaking free from the shackles that have bound me, letting go of the stereotype I was expected to fit, embracing who I am and finding my voice!!
True power comes when you stop looking around for approval and start believing in yourself. It is when we realise that our thoughts, words and actions has the ability to shape the future of not just ourselves, but the people we encounter along our journey as well.
“As a wife and mother, I am often expected to be and act a certain way.
 Breaking free of those stereotypes and believing in myself
 is the one place I know I can always find the approval
that we are so used to looking for around us.”
As this was my very first shoot, I was completely clouded by nerves! I had no idea what to expect, but I must say I was welcomed very warmly by the team from Marie Claire Magazine and they managed to put my nerves at ease. From stylist to make-up artist and photographers; start to finish; everyone was so lovely and accommodating! Silly me got none of their details to publicly credit them… but thanks to everyone for making the experience so wonderful and memorable; especially the features writer from Marie Claire Magazine, Sarah Koopman, for including me in this feature! Here are a few behind the scenes pictures of the shoot.
The makeover begins…


Transformation is starting to show…

 Mammarazzi was my companion (and photographer) for the day!
A few quick snaps! 

The final result!
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