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 What’s in the box??

Age hits us all in different ways. Some of us first notice wrinkles, while others notice it in the elasticity of their skin…as for me; I am noticing it in my hair!!! I started greying quite early (I fork it off to wisdom) and it has never really bothered me in a major way. But as the number of greys have increased and become slightly more visible, I do find myself sitting in a salon chair more frequently (but not obsessively) than usual to get them touched up!

It’s on my trips to the salon that I have noticed an increasing amount of young girls being brought in by their parents for hair treatments. I’m talking as young as 6 – 9 years olds being brought in by their parents to have their hair relaxed…some sitting rather unhappily as stylists tug and pull at their hair and I often wonder to myself, what message we are sending our kids about embracing themselves?? What are we teaching them about beauty?? And I know I am guilty of it too. But in an effort to spoil or treat our kids to something special, we are also inadvertently sending them a message…and I know from my daughter, that at that age, there’s nothing more they want than to just be themselves! In a world where we are told how we should look, perhaps we can take a lesson from the innocence of the young and just be happy and comfortable in our own skin (and hair)….

The reason I’m telling you all this, is because I was recently contacted by international hair care experts, John Frieda,  who were keen to spoil me with some hair care products. They sent me a little questionnaire to answer in order for them to hand-pick  right products for my hair 🙂 They were also very obliging in answering questions regarding my daughter’s hair, as I struggle to find the right products to keep her thick mane of luscious waves looking it’s best, especially in Summer, where she spends most of her time in a chlorinated pool !! Not only did they give me advice, but they included tailor made products and hair routine to suit BOTH our hair types!!!! You see, we don’t need to try and change who we are; we only need the proper tools to make the best of what we have and embrace our natural assets!!

I don’t usually do product reviews and I was under no obligation to write this one, but I was so impressed with the John Frieda Team; from their eagerness and enthusiasm to spoil some of us bloggers, to their thoroughness in wanting to send the correct products, to the perfect packaging, up until the amazing end result…that I feel obliged to share my experience with all of you.

For me :

My hair is pretty straight forward and easy, and the only real problem I have is the greys. I don’t heat style regularly…just wash and go on a day to day basis. My mom would argue that on some days my hair is untidy, and she is probably right too!! Even easy hair tends to misbehave sometimes.
What they sent me:I was sent Brilliant Brunette; a colour protecting moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner. Since I colour my hair; touching up the roots every second month or so; the formula protects and preserves brunette colour while it also rehydrates and replenishes.
Results: Quite honestly, my hair has never felt better!! The difference was actually quite noticeable, and perhaps the defining difference would be that my hair felt incredibly light and soft…not weighed down. There was a more vibrant shine and my colour looked brighter. I don’t think I realised the impact different products have on my hair until I used this product and I will definitely be purchasing this from now on.
Available: John Frieda products are available exclusively at Clicks stores (South Africa) and retails for R95 each.
For My Daughter :
 Lucky Girl !!
Perhaps the biggest mistake I have made with my daughter’s hair, is buy the wrong products for her hair type…quite often the same shampoo and conditioner for both of us. Finding something that works with her natural waves has always been a mission…but not anymore. The trick is to work with what you have got and not against it.

What they sent for her : They sent her a range of products developed for wavy, curly and frizz-prone hair. This specially developed formula provides the necessary moisture to smooth out the hair cuticle while working with your hair’s natural curl pattern! All the product sent aids in blocking out frizz to provide  smooth, polished, glossy hair.

Results : Again, her hair felt light and not weighed down by any of the products. We don’t heat style her hair regularly (Quite frankly, it would be way too time consuming and exhausting for a child her age) and her hair has never felt or looked better.  We are left with soft, glistening, healthy-looking waves!

Available :John Frieda products are sold exclusively at Clicks stores here in South Africa and the Frizz Ease products range at prices between R95- R99.

 Thanks, John Frieda Team… from both of us!
Thanks for reading.

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