Eid-ul-Adhaa ( Festival of Sacrifice)

It is the month where many pilgrims from around the world, unite in the holiest of cities, to perform the vigorous and emotional journey of Hajj. 10 days of toil and turmoil; forging of new bonds and friendships, releasing all past sins and mistakes, forging forward in life with a new found acceptance, peace and submission to the will of God.
For those of us left behind; those who have been on the journey previously and those still yet to go; we embrace and celebrate these steps towards a new beginning with the pilgrims…and are reminded of the purpose of this journey we all wish to take in our lives. And even though we are not there ourselves, all of us are deeply aware of the significance of those 10 days, some even opting to fast; with the end of the tumultuous journey, being the celebration of Eid.

This is an important religious holiday celebrated by all Muslims around the world to honour the willingness of the Prophet Abraham to sacrifice his young first born son, and the sons acceptance to being sacrificed, as an act of submission to the command of the Almighty. The Almighty, being pleased with their willingness, intervenes by providing Abraham with a lamb to sacrifice instead.

The atmosphere surrounding this Eid is definitely more sombre and subdued in comparison with the excitement of Eid-ul-Fitr, with many families choosing to partake in the obligatory sacrifice of a lamb in honour and remembrance of our beloved prophet. As always, these days are celebrated together as a family and community, everyone dressed in their finest, tables decked in the finest sweet treats, lavish family meals, and a strong feeling of togetherness…

Here are some pics of the day!

My kids..

My son kindly offered to be my photographer…

With the lack of decent, modest clothing in stores; I opted to have something made by a dear friend, and fantastic designer, Nazir.



Moon…and all the kids/tweens/teenagers (whatever)!!

Brother love…



The handsome teens 😉

Bonding with my Dad…

Brother and kids in the UK.
Hope all who celebrated had a wonderful Eid,

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