Delectable Desserts Made Easy

 So much to do…and such a little time in which to do it! This seems to be the rat race we all are in. Despite my love for making things from scratch; sometimes life gets in the way of things and I  am left struggling to catch my tail. As much as whipping up something delicious in the kitchen is somewhat therapeutic for me, there are times where making things is more of a task!  

Even though I have a reputation for being the family baker; I must admit to have learnt a thing or two from my siblings! It is good to know; that in the event of time restraints; there are plenty reliable options that don’t necessarily need plenty of time to be made.  Now don’t judge me…I do this only in emergencies. And I’m sharing this secret with all of you because, lets face it; nobody feels inspired ALL of the time.

And with busy schedules with kids, which I imagine must be even worse for working ladies; we need quick, easy and reliable recipes that still looks mouth watering and tastes delicious too! As a working girl herself, Moon knows all too well the woes of time management and has shared her secret with me, which I am now sharing them with you…

As the kids exam period draws to and end this week, and the Summer holidays approach; I will be trying out a lovely new Summer dessert recipe in the coming week which was kindly sent to me by one of the lovely reader’s of the blog! The recipe looks amazing, and I am quite excited to try it out, and obviously share!! Enjoy these tried and tested baking kits in the meantime…


I usually make my cheesecakes from scratch…but these ones taste just as good and can be made in a fraction of the time!


These mini cheesecakes were made by Moon!
What I like about this mousse is that there are so many ways you can serve them! From these mini shot glasses, to adding a sponge base and chocolate ganache at the bottom or even adding crushed oreo biscuits in between…you can land up with a different dessert every time!

While I tried out  the Woolworths Mousse duo! 

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