View From a Mother’s Heart

Sometimes, the things that make us strong, also makes us weak….

My kids have all inherited something good(and some down right annoying things too) from me. Saafiyah has inherited my sense of caring and nurturing, while Raqeeb has inherited my intuition and sensitivity… Zaydaan seems to be most like me; from his almond eyes to his gentle heart…and sometimes, this bothers me…

Sometimes, I lay beside my boy, engulfing him in my warm embrace…in the hopes of sheltering him from the world…

Sometimes, I hold his small hand in mine…in the hopes that I can protect his fragile little heart from being hurt..

Sometimes, my heart aches with the knowledge that the strength I see in my child will also be his weakness. It worries me because, in this world, the kindest hearts always endure the harshest hurt. For this reason, I hold on tight… in the hopes that I can shield him from all the suffering and tears that accompany those who are gentle.

I see it in you…see it in your eyes…I see it in your words … I see it in all that you do. You are me…and I am afraid of what it will do to you! And for that, my darling son…I hold you close…because our greatest trait, is also our vice!

I see the rejection. See what it does to you…see you hide it behind your smile. I see you get up and question why; and then get no valid reply. I see your desire to be accepted…see that it doesn’t always come, and see; that despite my burning desire for you to fight back; you still remain kind! My child…in you, I see myself…and that is what makes my heart bleed.

I know that a kind heart and a good soul always triumphs in the end…but I also know it makes us easy targets in a world where gentle equals weak!

I know that right now you don’t see the world as I do. I know that right now these things don’t bother you as much as it does me. I know that there is still a long path ahead. But, I want you to know, that you never have to face this world alone…That for as long as the heart in my chest beats…this world will never gobble you up and eat!

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