Sisters are Forever

If this week has taught me anything, it is to value and appreciate the love, bond and relationship I am fortunate to have with my siblings… I am grateful that we were brought up with a very strong sense of family…it is something I invest a lot of time and energy in preserving and it is something that I strongly emphasise with my own kids too. Having not had much of a chance to sit down and write a blog post this week, and feeling particularly sentimental, I thought I would share this  little poem I wrote for my sister’s wedding last year….
Sisters are sent by the Almighty
They come with wise words to calm you down when angry,
and a warm embrace to comfort you when sad.
They bring with them the healing powers of Laughter…
and sometimes, maybe, you cry a stream.
They offer a listening ear, in the dead of the night, when all you need to do is talk.
They sometimes disagree, but mostly offer support.
Sisters are God’s gift from above!
They provide courage when you don’t want to stand alone.
They the ones you turn to when nobody else seems to understand.
But mostly…they are life long companions…
And I am glad I got all of you!!

Thanks for reading today!


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