High Tea at the Vineyard Hotel

I count myself very fortunate to still have the privilege of my parents. They have been a great source of security and comfort to me, and each day with them is indeed a blessing. It makes days like Birthdays all the more special, and well worth a celebration! With Mom turning 63 last week, we felt that a tea party would be the ideal way to celebrate…

Nestled in the lush suburb of Newlands; with a stunning mountain view and wonderful landscaped gardens; the Vineyard Hotel provided the perfect tranquil environment for an afternoon tea party. With the weather playing along, and the stunning natural setting, the stage was set for a fantastic afternoon.

Named after the founder of the hotel, the Lady Anne High -Tea menu offered a wonderful selection of vegetarian savoury nibbles and some tantalising sweet treats, served on a 3 tier stand, coupled with your choice of either tea or coffee… Although not overly extravagant in presentation, I found the eatables to be very tasty and decadent, and good value for money compared to some other establishments also offering High-Tea options.

Boasting a Halaal friendly menu, if the High Tea menu doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, there is still plenty other options to choose from on their regular menu or Sushi menu as well.

With the lush, green, immaculate lawn sprawled below like a green ocean,  housing a variety of plants; as well as being home to a tortoise or two; it provides a perfect playground for active kids (and a perfect backdrop for photo’s), giving you a chance to soak up the luxurious surrounding in peace, while still being able to keep a watchful eye on your brood.

An overall ambience of peace and tranquillity, The Garden Lounge (Name of the restaurant) aptly describes the atmosphere and setting… And because no trip to the Vineyard Hotel is complete without a frolic in the garden for mini photoshoot, here are some pics of our memorable afternoon…

Mom and her younger sister

Mom looks nowhere near 63 years old!!

With her baby girl…

Big Sis…

My Aunt, joining the festivities..

Everyone has their favourite 😉

Sister’s bonding…

Group shots; taking turns being photographer…
Grandma and Grandson…

Mom and her ever reliable eldest daughter…always to our rescue!

Oooops!! Forgot to take the tags off my shoes!! 

 And this pic pretty much sums up our entire afternoon!!
 (who else can notice all the similarities between Mom and I? )
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